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How to Develop a Disruptive Mindset

How to Develop a Disruptive Mindset

Disruptive leaders changed the world for good. They revolutionized the conventional standards of living and made their names last forever.  Even though the art of disruption is an innate quality, you can still inculcate the following practices in your daily life to develop a disruptive mindset. 

  1. Question your Core Beliefs

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to debunk your core beliefs but rather acknowledge the fact that they might be misconceived. This will open up a whole new process of learning, through which you might be able to innovate something or perhaps just amend some of your assumptions.

  1. Travel Often

Meaningful travel experiences teach you a lot. Exposure to new cultures, religions and communities teach the art of compassion and enhance your level of tolerance. Travel is also a great way to get inspiration, which is essential for doing disruptive work.

  1. Be Friends with Unlike-minded People

This can be mentally exhausting for normal people but for the disruptive thinkers, it is a way of learning. By forging friendships with unlike-minded people, you step out of your comfort zone and enhance the chances of birthing new and innovative ideas.

  1. Embrace Change

Change is inevitable. To develop a disruptive mindset, adaptability is the quality you need to possess. Be open to new trends and ideas. Modify your assumptions when needed because only the people who embrace change with adaptability can become true visionaries.

  1. Take Risks

Normal people avoid taking risks in the fear of failure. Little do they know that risks lead to success. It opens up more doors of opportunities and makes you stronger as person. Risk teaches you how to react calmly in tense situations. 

  1. Accept Failure

Our greatest lessons often come from failures. It important to accept the failure and learn from them. Failure means that you did something daring and it encourages you to reconsider and recalibrate your strategies for success.


Keep in mind that life of disruptive leaders is not easy. They loose friends and acquaintances due to the fierce loyalty to their rebellious beliefs, but the experiences they gain and revolutions they bring are extraordinary.

Remember that becoming disruptive takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight.

You have to ingrain these habits in your daily life and practice with devotion. It may take you months or even years to become disruptive but once you do, it’s going to be worth it.

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